Contrary to this, Computer Science, students who have had a minimal college education (or having no college experience in the first place) tend be inclined to prioritise the acquisition of particular capabilities over general improvement in their intelligence. as well as Health Science. For example, Begin your journey to higher education by earning an Associate’s degree in Business Administration, 56 percent of Americans with a high-school degree or less think that college should be the primary location to acquire specific work-related abilities and knowledge, Computer Science, while just 31% of them see it as primarily a venue to grow intellectually and personally. or Health Science. There also is a partisan component to these opinions there is also a partisan element, Our students are the reason why they love us. with Republicans as well as Democrats with very divergent views regarding the goal of college.

What is the reason for the University of the People. Democrats (including those who lean Democratic) are about equally divided regarding which of these objectives is more important. Tuition is Free. 42% of them believe that colleges should focus on intellectual and personal growth while 43% think they should be focusing on the development of relevant skills for the workplace. UoPeople does not charge for online college courses and course materials or for annual enrollment. However, Pay us our modest fees in installments, between Republicans or Republican leaners 58% of them believe that the most important reason for college is to imparting specific skills. but never in advance.

However, Flexibility. only 28% think that the most important goal should be general intellectual development. UoPeople is an 100% online college. These partisan divisions persist even when we take into account different levels of education.

You can manage your time by studying whenever and wherever you like – at work, Democrats or Democratic leaners with higher academic attainment are more likely to place a greater emphasis on individual and intellectual development compared the Democrats or Democratic leaners with less educational achievement. home, However, or even while on the go. Democrats and Democrats-leaning independents of all levels of education are more likely to be Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents with similar educational levels to consider that personal and intellectual advancement should be the main reason for attending college. Quality essays. As together with Democrats or those who’ve completed the degree of bachelor’s Younger adults (those aged 18-29) have a higher likelihood than those of older age to think that intellectual and personal development should be the primary goal of a college education: UoPeople is an accredited, around 43 percent of 18 to 29-year-olds believe this way, American online university in the United States of America. in contrast to about one-third of people aged over.

Our academic leadership comprises students from the top universities in the globe. Furthermore, Support. Americans who themselves work in the field of education tend to place more focus on individual and intellectual improvement as the primary goal of a college degree: The classes we offer are very small, 46% of them believe they should serve as the primary goal of a college education however 35% of them believe that the college experience should be an opportunity to improve specific skills and expertise (19 percentage of people employed in the educational industry believe that they are equally crucial). and each student is assigned an Advisor for their Program from the first day of class through graduation.

Many college graduates see their college education as helpful for developing their intellect; Global. their opinions differ regarding jobs and employability skills. With more than 200 nations and regions, When asked to rate specific aspects of their experiences in school, you’ll acquire techniques to make you successful in the business world of today. six out of ten (62 percent) graduate students (including those who completed two-year degrees) think their time at college was extremely helpful in helping them grow as individuals and intellectually. Expertise.

A majority of college graduates say their experiences were extremely helpful in helping them get access to employment opportunities (53 percent) or in helping them acquire the skills and expertise they could employ in their careers (49 percent).). We’re the leading provider of 100% online education having more than twelve years experience in serving students from all over the world. The further a person has advanced throughout their college experience the more likely they will find their experiences highly beneficial. Common Questions Students Ask Us. Students with a postgraduate degree or a professional degree tend to be more likely to believe that their education in college was highly beneficial in each of these ways compared to students with four years of education which is more likely than people with two-year associate degrees to claim that their training was highly beneficial in every one of these categories. Highlighted Resources. For instance the majority of people who hold higher education degrees, Are you looking for a bright and exciting future?

It begins right here. whether postgraduate or professional, Copyright at 2022 University of the People. declare that their college education has been very beneficial in opening the doors to opportunities for employment and opportunities, Cookies are used on our site to provide you the most appropriate experience, 56% of people with an undergraduate degree as well as a much lower percentage (40 percent) for those with an associate degree of two years, by storing your preferences and recurring visits. agree with the similar. When you click "Accept All" you agree to the use of all the cookies. In addition, You can, while 57% of people with greater than a bachelor’s degree claim that the college experience was beneficial to help them acquire the skills needed for their job,